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    Jeremy Willcox and Cameron Anthes at Bloodwood Restaurant, Newtown

  • Domaine Seminaire, Valreas, 1925 planted vines, 400 meters Altitude

    Domaine Seminaire, Valreas Cote du Rhone, 1925 planted vineyard, 400 meters Altitude

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Exclusive wines for restaurants, bars, and independent wine retailers

Ergo Wines enjoys searching out wines that offer the restaurateur or retailer great quality and value. Our aim is that the end consumer is both satisfied and captivated by their choice.

Our wineries all produce their wines with immense care, thought and passion. They embrace their region's traditions as well as (where necessary) modern techniques. We believe if it’s in the Ergo Wines catalogue, it offers the best of the region – whether that be Champagne, Burgundy, Provence, Mendoza or Murrumbateman.

Ergo Wines is a wholesale distributor providing some of the best wines from regions in France, Argentina, and Australia to restaurants, wine bars and fine wine retailers.