Domaine Clos Roussely

Domaine Clos Roussely
Touraine, Loire valley, France

Clos Roussely is situated near Château Chenonceaux (second only to Versailles as the most visited Château in France) in the appellation of Touraine. The oldest vines on the estate are over 80 years, worked by horse and harvested by hand. The Winery itself is dug deep into the 250-year-old Tufa (Limestone) walls, so wine making is at a constant temperature allowing for slow ferments. Certified Organic, time does its work here, not chemistry.

The Roussely family bought this property in 1917, it is now owned and run by their gifted and proud traditionalist son, Vincent Roussely. He is considered by his peers to be a dynamic wine maker producing the very finest wines of their beautiful and ancient region.

The resulting wine, Le Clos, is is elegant, pure and precise. Light and bright in texture, this fruity wine has juicy green fruits, sliced apple and a cut of grapefruit acidity. A herbal element is balanced by the warmer notes of apricots.


Vincent Roussely cuve